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How to Compare Medicare Supplement Plans

Compare identical plans but different costs between companies and Save
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Select the Medicare Supplement Plan that is best suited for your needs, then select when you want it to start.
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Coverage with a peace of mind that covers deductibles, co-insurance, and copays.
Peace of Mind
Part A (Confinement)

  1. Deductible
    Part A Deductible reoccurrs every 60 days from the first day of being admitted into the hospital.
    If you are admitted for three days into the hospital, then readmitted three months later. Then the Part A deductible of $1,316.00 must be met again.
  2. Copays
    Occurring in the 61-90 day you will have a copay per day of $329 and a higher copay of $658 for 91-150.
    Starting the 61st day of any continuation or readmission of the first 60 days. You will have copays through 150 days. After 150 days Medicare does not cover any remaining days.
  3. Skilled Nursing
    A confined step down unit bed or nursing care needed for rehabilitation and therapy.
    Day 1-20 are covered by Medicare and copays start from day 21-100 of $164.50.
  4. Hospice
    Services leave with paying 5% co-insurance and prescriptions could have another cost.
    Cost of services vary based on life expectancy and need of care.
Part B
  1. Deductible
    A calendar year deductible starting over every January 1.
    In 2017, the deductible is $183.
  2. Co-Insurance
    Medicare pays 80% after the deductible
    You will be billed the remaining 20% along with any excess charges up to 15%.
  3. Home Healthcare
    Medicare pays 80% after the deductible for mobility and durable equipment
    You will be billed the remaining 20%. If you receive Home Healthcare, the services will be paid at 100% of the cost.
  1. What does Original Medicare really cover? I found out which options were available to me. Then I found the plan that was right for me! Check your options and don't cut yourself short in coverage or you could leave yourself over paying for the same coverage.

Medicare Supplement Plans
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    Plans F, G, and N Compared
  3. Parts of Medicare, Medciare Supplements, and Extra Benefits
    Parts of Medicare, Medciare Supplements, and Extra Benefits
    The four parts of Medicare broken down with information regarding Medicare Supplements in comparison with Medicare Plans.
While having Original Medicare and having a Medicare Supplement or not, you may want to look into a stand alone prescription drug plan.  If you do not take any medications, it maybe wise to take low cost prescription drug so you will not be penalized later if you do end up needing a high cost prescription drug later on.  If you have VA benefits or group coverage, you can be relieved of this penalty with proof of having your coverage during the time frame you have been on Medicare.
Do I need a prescription drug plan?
Find out which plans cover my prescriptions?
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